Balenciaga bags in London?

  1. It looks like hubby and I need to make an unscheduled visit to London on Wednesday and we'll have a spare day in the Kensington/Knightsbridge/Oxford Street area. Can anyone please advise where the best shops are that stock Balenciaga bags so we don't waste time in the wrong places? Naturally I want to see as many as possible in the hope that hubby will buy me my first Balenciaga! I think I'm likely to go for a Truffe or Khaki (sandstone type) color or both if hubby is feeling generous. It would be nice if the sales are still on, so we could do well.
  2. Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges are the main places that come to mind. Harrods has a really small section for bbags and I hate going there because they have hardly anything displayed and you have to have someone help you. HN is pretty nice and their section is slighty bigger but no where near as cool as some of the display pics I have seen. Good luck getting your first bbag. Sandstone is gorgeous IRL.
  3. Thank you ladies, I was so excited up until this morning when I found out the trip is off :wtf:. I'm really unhappy as it means no chance of my first BBag just yet. I don't feel I want to trust the mail service for such a great first purchase.