Balenciaga bags in France

  1. Hi all:

    I just wanted to ask if anyone knows if Balenciaga is less expensive in France vs. USA. I have a friend going to France towards the end of this week and was wondering if I should ask her to bring me back a b bag. :angel:
  2. i assume you are in u.s., if so, it is slighty cheaper after you get your VAT back, but be careful with euro against dollar exchange, credit cards also add 2-3 percent for foreign money exchange. when it was still the franc against dollar, it was significantly less. no more. maybe if dollar gets stronger....
  3. Thanks chaussurewhore! :flowers: I guess it probably isn't worth bugging my friend to get it then.
  4. Twiggy is 725 euros, taxes included
  5. Thanks Betises!!:yahoo:

    Thats exactly the bag I was thinking of getting. So that would be about $900 USD and then you would also get tax back so even less. I migh just have to get her to get me one.
  6. In case you haven't seen, the dollar is at its one year low against the euro.
  7. is there any price reduction??
    as my friend helped me to purchase my ink twiggy directly from Balenciaga Paris store a month ago and it costs me 765 euro, taxed included..
    but anyway my friend managed to claim the VAT back.. so anyway the price is still slightly less than that...
  8. How much VAT tax do you get back? I don't want to ask my friend to get me one if I'm only going to save a few dollars.
  9. tva is 19.6%, but bal paris gives you back only 12% or 13%. and remember, if you put refund on your credit card, they will charge you 2-3% to transfer foreign money. am ex includes a 2% fee in transaction. on visa, a separate 3% foreign money fee will show on your bill. nice, huh? i have never paid more on bal bags in paris, but depending on exchange rate, it may not be alot of savings....
  10. I think even with all the fees and the low value of the dollar it looks like I can still save about $200 on the bag.
  11. Some CCs don't charge a currency exchange fee at all. USAA credit cards do not, nor do some Capital One cards. So you can avoid that conversion fee if you use the right card.
  12. that's right the tax was 19.6%