Balenciaga Bags FAQ

  1. Hey everyone;
    With all of the new B-Bag addicts joining our group lately, and seeing very similar questions being posted frequently, I thought that a thread answering the most common questions about Balenciaga bags might be a worthwhile addition to the forum. I welcome anyone to add any information they might think is essential for someone entering the world of Balenciaga bags.
    Would love to make this a sticky!

    What do the names mean?
    • Motorcycle is the name of the line of handbags with tassles. This line includes the First/Classique (small size), City/Medium (mid-size), Work (large-size), Weekender (travel-size), Day (Shoulder/hobo-style), Twiggy (Boston-style). "Arena" is sometimes used to define the kind of leather used on these bags.
    How much do they cost?
    • As of April 1/07, the prices on the most popular styles in USD were: First ($995), City ($1195), Work ($1385), Weekender ($1495), Day ($995), Twiggy (1095). These prices are for the Regular hardware- the new Giant line is priced higher.
    What are they made of?
    • The most popular styles as listed above are made of Chevre (goat leather). Other styles are made of Lamb or Calf leather.
    How much can they hold?
    • Please refer to the "What's in Your B-Bag" thread to view carrying capacity of various sizes.
    Where can I buy them?
    • Please refer to the "Stores Now Carrying B-Bags" thread at the top of the forum.
    Where can I see pictures of past colours, other styles, and discontinued styles?
    • Balenciaga fans everywhere have an unofficial "bible", created by a very lovely and very astute Balenciaga lover who is also a member of this forum. Her site is located at and includes pages and pages of colour swatches, prices, style references, and authentication resources.
    Should I treat my bags with anything?
    • This is a personal choice and not always an easy one. Please search this sub-forum with the phrase "treating bags" for members' experiences with different products.
    What changes should I expect as I use my bag?
    • Balenciaga bags are prone to a few consistent changes as they are "broken in". At first, the leather might seem a bit stiff and shiny, but with use, it will become "smooshy" and lose the glaze coat, leaving a beautiful matte, soft leather.
    • The corners are usually the first to show wear. The handles will darken with use, which is not always an appealing result with light-coloured bags. There are some products that claim to help prevent handle darkening. Please search this subforum for "dark handles" for more information.
    I found a great deal at a store online. Is it real?
    • Balenciaga bags are not authorized to be sold online for direct purchase. If you are on a website that would allow you to put a Balenciaga bag directly into your shopping cart, please keep in mind that they are not authorized retailers and authenticity is highly suspect- caveat emptor. An exception to this is a small number of reputable resale/consignment websites.
    I am watching a bag on an auction site. Is it real?
    • Please post your finds in the "Authenticate This" sticky at the top of this forum. As well, the AtelierNaff site is an invaluable resource for familiarizing yourself with major authenticity markers (and lesser-known ones too!).
    Why are older colours selling for more than retail?
    • Balenciaga only releases a certain colour palette each season (except for Black and White, which are mainstays). As a result, a highly coveted colour and leather may fetch above retail for collectors or buyers who decide years later that they are on the hunt for that particular item.
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  15. Some common acronyms:

    : Forum member LouiseyPeasey, the creator of AtelierNaff.

    LMB: Lovin My Bags. A line of leather care products for high quality leather handbags. Common products mentioned include For Handles Only and Shine Restore. They also offer a restoration service. Can be found at Again, please search the forum for "restoration" or "LMB" for user experiences and opinions.

    AG, or Apple Guard, or Apple Garde: Another line of leather care products for quality leather. Some of their most common products are Rain and Stain Repellant and Leather Cleaner. The entire line can be found at Searching the forum for "leather care" or a similar term should yield posts regarding these products.