Balenciaga Bags - Authorized/Authentic Online Websites

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  1. Since it seems as though I have answered this question many times, I thought it just might be a good idea to post this.

    The only reputable online websites for Balenciaga bags are the following:
    Unfortunately, none of them display pictures of the bags anymore because too many scammers would copy them and use them to sell their fake crap on eBay. Aloha Rag lists the bags/colors that they have available, and you can send them an email to ask for photos. You must also send an email to Browns, and they will send you photos of the bags that they have available.

    Other than the above, I would be very suspect about any of the other online websites that sell Balenciaga bags. Most of them don't even attempt to stay up-to-date on the latest colors and/or styles!

    As far as stores that are authorized to sell Balenciaga bags, I know that the following sell authentic Balenciaga bags, but not in all the locations (for instance, you will not find Balenciaga bags in the Boston Neiman Marcus because Louis of Boston carries them). So, your best bet, would be to call Balenciaga (NYC) to find out about the authorized retailers in your area:

    --> Neiman Marcus
    --> Saks Fifth Avenue
    --> Barney's New York
    --> Gretta Luxe (Wellesley, MA)
    --> Louis of Boston (Boston, MA)

    PS: I've heard that Net-a-Porter is working on selling Balenciaga bags online. However, I would bet that they are going to run into the same problem with the pictures!

    Hope this helps everyone!!!
  2. Thank you for the info, CeeJay! :biggrin:
  3. If in the UK, also try Harvey Nicholls. Maybe Selfridges, Harrods, but I only know Harvery Nicks for certain.
  4. What a dummy I am :blink: :wacko: ... you are ABSOLUTELY 100% correct - Harvey Nichols does indeed have authentic Balenciaga bags (I've bought a few there myself!).

    I know that Harrods does not, however ... I checked when last in London, and they said that they used to carry Balenciaga, but do not anymore. I believe that Selfridges and Matches also carry Balenciaga, but they do not have as sizeable stock.

    Thanks English_girl!!! :nuts:
  5. Thank you CJ! This is a great guide. :love:
  6. also sells authentic balenciagas online, they have a store in atlanta and the owner is jeffrey kalinsky i believe, of jeffrey new york and jeffrey atlanta fame.
  7. Thanks for the info, CeeJay! It is very much appreciated!
  8. Well ... chalk that up to "you learn something new everyday"; Amanda is spot-on ... Bob Ellis does indeed sell Balenciaga online (has some of the new Pony bags)!!
  9. Wow CeeJay, you're like the Balenciaga queen ! Thanks for sharing all that information, everything you've posted about how to purchase B-bags online has been really helpful !
  10. Hi,
    I'm new here, love this forum!!!
    Btw, I believe Italian website also carries balenciages bags.
  11. Hi, I have a blog type page that lists all the Balenciaga authorized retailers that I can think of, so that everyone will have a concise location that lists them all. If there are any more, please let me know.
  12. Great site greendry! Another authorized place that I know of is Maxfield in L.A. They don't have a website, but they're big among celebrities like J.lo, Jessica simpson and mary-kate...
  13. Greendrv - do you know how this site can list Balenciaga online?

    I pulled that link off of the TFS forum; the gals there were saying the store is legit -but, I thought you could not sell Balenciaga online/show pics, etc.

  14. They have the First in fuschia :love: I hope they're legit, but it looks like their prices are higher than in the United States.
  15. You know, I was wondering about that too. I think that even allows you to "add it to a shopping bag" online. However, I think that the difference is that the transaction still happens offline. I know that operates this way. The online shopping checkout only sends your credit card information to the store. Then they perform a sale in the store (that's how I missed out on some chloe paddy boots). But I hope to have an answer soon on the authenticity of the cricket store (I'm inclined to take my friends at TFS at face value :amuse: ).
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