Balenciaga Bags at Barney's Seattle

  1. I was in Barney's in Seattle today and saw:
    • 2 2008 Magenta City Bags with Silver Giant Hardware
    • 2008 Magenta First Bag
    • Red Day Bag (Must be a 2007)
    • Dark Green - Day as well as in City
    • Yellow City RH
    • Grayish Color - didn't know the name in City RH
    • A bright Blue City in RH
    There were a lot of black bags in City, Giant Brief style and others that I just can't remember at this time.
  2. thanks so much for sharing katkashmir!! That red day bag is tempting...

    This info is posted in the shopping section- maybe a mod can move it over?
  3. Thanks, next time I'll look for the shopping section. I was dealing with cooking dinner, dealing with my 3 year old wild child and posting. I probably shouldn't do all this at once.
  4. ::perks up ears:: yellow city w/RH? Jaune? hmmm maybe i'll have to give them a call....

    do you recall how the leather looked on this bag?
  5. All the leathers had that veiny look, not overly supple. I did purchase a pale pink in 2006 which had the same leather and it's been great.
  6. Thanks Kat!!
  7. woohoo!! thanks for the info!!
  8. Thanks for the info-was the bright blue EB? tia
  9. Do you remember seeing any Giant Envelope Clutches?