Balenciaga Bag Question

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  1. Ok... so there I was at NM again and I noticed that all the bags that weren't city bag didn't have the metal serial plate on them in the same place that I would expect it on the City. Do the day bags, twiggy and box bags not have these? If they do have them, where are they?

    Second question, I think I'm going to get one of the green bags for summer: Emerald Day Bag or Emerald Twiggy? I can't decide.

  2. I think that I've actually seen some city bags without the metal tag, so I think that the tags have been changed on all of the incoming colors and styles, from the metal plate to the leather tags. I guess it's just part of the design evolution ... I personally prefer the metal plate, but now they don't have to pay for the silver to make them (maybe they're trying to cut costs?! iono). I think that maybe the city bags you saw were older and that's why they kept the plate, because those haven't been sold yet?

    I would say emerald twiggy. Love the classic shape and it's very cute and lighthearted. It doesn't carry nearly as much stuff as the day though, so consider how much you tote around.
  3. Does anyone have a photo of the Emerald? I'd love to see it.

    I've got a 2006 city and it has the metal tag - different serial number though.
  4. I know the twiggy does not have a metal plate.

    The emerald box is showing on the Brown's website.
  5. SoCal, Thanks for the picture. Somehow that's not how I imagined it. I expected a brighter and darker green color! This may have to go onto the backburner again.
  6. My spring 06 day bag doesn't have a metal plate. I liked the metal plate, but I'll live without it.
  7. hmmmmmm..i would have to saay..
    emerald day baggg...=)
  8. I don't love it either...I can decide if it is this shade or if I am just not a "green" handbag girl...