Balenciaga bag minus 40 percent!!!

  1. Today I looked through the newest issue of " Woman", an Austrian magazine and there was a Balenciaga Motocycle bag in a very dark green colour ( I think it is vert foret) reduced from 1045 Euro to 630 Euro:yahoo:. Sorry I don´t know the correct size of the bag, maybe the city or the work. Here is the link of the shop, where you can also find the telephonenumber. They ship their items within Austria, maybe also to other European countries. Usually they only have one single item, so be quick and get this great deal! Last time my mother bought a Chloe Paddington from this store and paid only 7 Euro for postage within Austria.
    Maybe they have other Balenciaga bags on sale. Some Chloe bags and Rick Owens clothes are also reduced. There was a picture of an amazing Rick Owens Suede Jacket for only 350 Euro.
  2. OMG sounds like a total score. Are you going to snap it up?
  3. I bought two Chanel bags recently, so no money left for another bag.
    Someone must get his amazing deal!!
  4. OH WOW!
    Another AUtrian girl:biggrin:
    Never heard of the shop before but am on the phon e with them right now.....YAY they say they have magenta too:nuts::nuts:( not on sale though haha...)
    was it the last woman with christina aguileera on it?!
    arrrrgh cant find it...
    was it definitely a moto bag?!
    still cant believe it...yay
  5. Oula update us what they have in stock ~:smile:

  6. yes, it is pictured in the newest issue with christina on the front, on page 81.
    good luck!:tup:
  7. they'll give me an update via email asap...
    Ill let u know
    I've just discovered another BBag source..yay