Balenciaga bag in my bluefly cart

  1. I just made a post ( ) about having a Balenciaga bronze leather medium 'City' bag in my Bluefly cart. But, I decided that I definately do not want it. I'm sure it's a great bag, it's just not what I'm looking for. If someone else is interested, I can release it on command. There is also another post about a 15% off code SHOP79. This would bring this bag to close to $870.
  2. thanks, MK! i'm sure someone would love it! sorry it didn't work out for you
  3. It's promised to someone already.
  4. Okay--so--who got it? Anyone want to reveal herself? :smile:
  5. Yeah who is it? LOL! I know ETenebris was after one but she doesn't appear to be online atm..
  6. I'm never sleeping again, I'll just keep hitting refresh on Bluefly....
  7. OH MAN! i totally wanted the Bronze in the City! UGH! :mad: please let us know who got it! i always seem to miss the deals on bluefly too :hrmm:
  8. OK, I have to does one find balenciaga in bluefly?? I realize they only have them once and a while for a fleeting moment but do you just put in Balenciaga in the search field?? Theres no category for Bal.

    Please share,
  9. OMG! Who scored this bag???
  10. I am currently holding it in my cart for another PF member who has been looking for it. It will be released by bluefly in 15 minutes if she doesn't get back to me. So those of you who are interested should definitely check bluefly again in 15 minutes.

    btw, balenciaga only appears as a category when they have products available (this is true of all brands on bluefly)

    If you have luckymagrewards be sure to link to bluefly through their link for another 8% back

    15% off bluefly code MISSEDYOU321

    good luck ladies
  11. ^ETenebris is looking for the bag a a few days ago.
    :\ She's not online though...
  12. t
    that's who I am trying to hold the bag for. I've sent her a pm and I hope she logs on soon b/c the bag will be released by bluefly in about 5 minutes.
  13. It's no longer in my cart. I don't know how long it takes for bluefly to relist it. good luck!
  14. i will keep refreshing! i want that bag!!
  15. sorry i double posted.. it hasn't shown up yet!!