balenciaga bag in LV?

  1. anyone know if any stores carry balenciaga city bags in Las vegas? Thks
  2. Neiman Marcus in the Fashion Show Mall has a huge selection of Balenciaga bags! :smile:
  3. thks
  4. Thats good to know, I will be there for 4 days next weekend! woohoo!
  5. I bought one from Sam at Neiman Marcus who was very nice. Ask about no tax if they ship. Saks has a very few put away. NM has much more. Have fun!
  6. Check out Talulah G at the Fashion Show Mall as well, I don't see Balenciaga bags listed on the website, but they had couple of First, City and weekender available when i was there last time.
    La Boutique Talulah G Las Vegas
  7. When I was there in September, Tallulah had several Chloes. You'll be at the mall anyway!!