Balenciaga Bag - Giant or normal?

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  1. I am looking for a Balenciaga City perhaps work. I am fascinated by the golden studs but is concerned that it may look gaudy and the "gold" may tarnish or fade over time. What do u think? Any advice?

    Any advices also on what is a better bag. City, Work or even Part-Time and why?

  2. I have both RH and GH bags. Even though I'm more of an RH girl, I find the giant hardware a lot of fun to carry. I definitely prefer the GH on the larger bags like the Part-time and the Work. The City I prefer in regular hardware. As far as tarnishing, so far mine haven't but I've only had them for maybe 4 or 5 months. I live in Florida so I think if they were going to do that, I would have seen it already due to the humidity. I had a anna corinna bag that tarnished within a couple weeks of arriving to florida. HTH a little bit. You may want to check the photos of wearing your Bbags thread when the Bal forum is back up and running. It'll give a good idea of what the bags look like being worn.:smile:
  3. All my BBags are RH, but I adored some BBags with GH. I heard GH bags is MUCH HEAVIER than RH bags. Could someone own both tell me if you think so too?
  4. I had the pleasure of trying the GH for the first time over the weekend and my are they heavy!!! I think I wouldn't worry too much about tarnishing...but the weight might be a problem cause the bag was heavy with nothing in it..i'd hate to think how much it weighs with stuff in it.:confused1:
  5. I say if you go for a City get regular, and if you get a Work get Giant! :yes:
  6. *stupid newb question*
    what does RH and GH stand for?
  7. I have a GH City, which I consider to be my 'very special' bag. It's got very thick leather and is heavier than my RH Cities. But I think that the 2 are very different types of bag. My GH goes out on special occasions and my RH bags go to work and to the supermarket. I have had no tarnishing from the GH, which I think looks fantastic with either jeans or dressed up. They are gorgeous bags. But I also love the RH bags and these accompany me during my working day.
  8. Not a stupid question at all. RH means regular hardware and GH is the giant hardware.
  9. I love the giant as well, is very different and very eyecatching bag!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.