Balenciaga Bag Colours 2008

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  1. Hi There,

    Has anyone got any idea on colours releases for 2008? And have any colours been released yet for 08, or are they still the Autumn/Winter 07 colours?

    Thanx so much:wlae:
  2. Hi GoldyR,

    There is another thread: "What SS08 colors did you purchase". It lists the following colors:

    Pre-Collection Colors 2008:
    Electric Blue
    Baby Blue

    Collection Colors 2008:
    Coral Red
    Electric Turquoise
    Fluorescent Yellow

    There was also another thread where there were some SS08 color swatches, but now I can't locate it. If anyone has it, could it get added to the color by year/season reference material?
  3. closing now :yes:
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