Balenciaga Bag Choices & their Owners

  1. Hi all..

    i was just drooling at everyone's lovely balenciaga bag collections and realised something. (i'm sure i am not the first to notice this though..)

    Don't you think that a PFer's balenciaga bag choices (both colour and style) can let you in on who they are as a person? ie: what they are like... boho girl, girly girl, funky girl, young adult girl, working adult girl, mum girl, boyssss???

    what do you think?
  2. What a great observation!!! I have a caramel work, a black purse, and an ink city, so what's your impression of me??? Age, occupation, marital status, etc....
  3. sure! i think most choice in accessories translates not only personal style but personality.

    i have a black first, a black twiggy, and had a pewter city. i do like the '04 rose and the box style. what does that make me? :graucho:
    this could be kind of fun!
  4. oh no.. are you girls asking ME to guess?? haha..

    so far.. I don't dare to venture a guess.. except maybe for ByMiMi.. she's a boho girl! (with her greens, many browns, black and red)

    as for the both of your.. jayge and jennifer... i think you two are similar.. =P
  5. hehe what a cute observation waterfalls. It's awesome to see how people perceive you. ;)

    My style is ever changing (I especially like abstract, avant garde pieces and lots of blacks, whites, grays, and jeweltones), but what never changes - I view fashion as art, and like to express myself through my ensembles ;)

    Very fun topic!
  6. hehe, waterfalls, i thought it would be fun to see what you thought! i'm curious to see how others perceive my b-bag choices. :amuse:
    i won't be offended at all. after all, they are only a small part of my bag collection!
  7. Jennifer - I think from your bbag collection, it sounds very modern - blacks, with pewter - so pretty!
  8. mimi, i think i would describe myself as classic- i like black bc it is the chicest color.
    many might consider black "boring" since it's so basic, but i like black b-bags bc the black is never just that- they have more depth.

    the pewter is for my more sassy side ;)
  9. I think I would describe myself two ways: professional with an edgy side for work, but funkier on the weekends.
  10. I totally agree! My first bbag was a black city - it totally works with my look. City, grunge chic. Blue jeans, black uggs, black/blue/gray top, black LV inclusion bracelet, black city bag, huge black chanel glasses with big silver hoop earrings - fabbbbbb.

    I decided to get another one - my parents got my a cornflower as a gift, which I supposedly had them exchange for a pale rose (this was after surgery, so I was on morphine with pretty close to no recollection of the cornflower) - and I had the pale rose for about a month before selling it. It just didn't achieve the look I was going for! I see balenciaga bags as boho chic or city-grunge chic - I sooo can not pull off the boho look - so it looks like one bbag is good enough for me :P
  11. I think black bags are typically boring, but black bbags have the ultimate EDGE. The motorcycle bags are really edgy, but in pink or light blue - they lose that "GRRRR MOTORCYCLE" look lol. Black is SHARP! :heart:
  12. for me.. the ONLY black bag i have is a chanel quilted hobo with charms.. all my other bags are COLOURS!... all my balenciagas are colours,... bright ones too. =)

    so i'm .... attention craver girl? =)