Balenciaga Avatar Anyone?

  1. Because there are so many Bbag lovers and owners here with so many wonderful colors and styles of Bbags, I was wondering what you thought about arranging atleast 1 of your bags in a neat picture for your avatar. :love: Mine is my apple first and my maltese Misty. A couple of girls have already done this how about you? What do ya think?:nuts:
  2. You don't love my Scout avatar? Your apple shows up nicely in the avatar, but some of the darker bags don't. :worried:
  3. If I can figure out how to do it, will be happy to!
  4. :shame: Oh goodness,
    no I love your Scout! I just thought I gather all us Bbag girls and see what we could come up with. The variation of colors and style are so neat to look at all the time.:biggrin:
  5. So cool!:nuts:
    I think this would be so fun!
  6. That's a fun idea! I've just been too lazy to do it. :shame:

    I'll try to put one up as an avatar when I get home tonight. :amuse:
  7. I have a feeling there will be a lot of Ink City avatars!
  8. True. I will try to get a decent pic of my b-bag (maybe the one from outside) and post it. Just for you! :biggrin:
  9. Oh, I love it ET! I am going to do it for sure- now, how do i do this? Will figure it out.
  10. OMG!! That is sooo darn pretty. Your pic. turned out PERFECT!! Thanks!:biggrin: ;)
  11. Tried to upload, but my file is too big for the avatar space. So I will wait until I get home to my main comp where I can resize the pic...then I will post the new avatar.
  12. Oh...uh...just kidding? Apparently it lied to me when it said that the file did not load! So, there 'tis folks!
  13. Thats totally o.k. I sware you can take 50 different pics of the ink and they all look like different colors. That is what is so great about this color!:love:
  14. here's mine...but I'm thinkng of changing it to my new cornflower blue bag.
  15. Or even use both Bbags in your picture. Double as good! Your red is georgeous!:love:
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