Balenciaga availability - blue india, rouge vif

  1. Hello ladies! I just wanted to let you guys know what I saw at NM today in White Plains, NY. They had a large selection of Bbags. They had a City, Day, and First in BLue India. They were gorgeous! They had a City in rouge vif. They had lots of other bags too in other colors. They had a nice selection of styles too ... City, Mid Afternoon, Afternoon, Mini Bowling, Bowling, etc. If you are interested the number is (914) 428-2000 extension 2516. Ask for Mann. He is the SA that I always deal with. He's a doll. You can tell him you're a friend of Kathleen's.
  2. Kat , thanks for the update. Do you remember if they had any part times?
  3. I'm sure they did. There were so many bags there I couldn't keep them all in my head.:shame: If you are interested in a particular color give Mann a call. I'm sure he can help you.:P
  4. Livethelake, I was at this NM yesterday and definitely remember seeing one part time in Blue India (only BI style out) and camel.
  5. Kat, did Mann say anything about the SS '07 bags or waitlist? The SA that was there yesterday didn't know anything about it... :sad:
  6. I think Mann is the manager at NM in SF so he should know.
  7. I didn't speak to him too much about bags this visit. :shame: He was telling all about his trip to Paris. I will ask him the next time I see him. I might be going there again today because I have my eye on a Stephen Dweck ring, and the SA in the jewelry dept. told me the rep. for this line would be in the store today so she would see if she could get me the ring in my size.:graucho:
  8. ^^ Oo, look luck Kat! Hope you get it!