Balenciaga Authenticity Concerns

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  1. Hello,

    Let me stary out by saying hello and telling you my reason for joining and being here. I just purchased this week 8 Balenciaga bags that I believe to be either city or motorcylce bags. My reason for buying was to make money. Now that I bought them, I am researching them. (I know this should have been done first) I am wanting to know how I can go about identifying them or determining what I have. I have read here that the hardware that attaches to the shoulder strap is important as well as the back of the name tag. What do I want to be looking for? I know everyone's time is valuable and I am not here to waste it. Is there anyone on this forumn that would authenticate these for me from good pictures. I really prefer to pay someone for their expertise. I have a three day return privilede I believe and will have them in hand on Monday if shipping stays on schedule. I am somewhat worried but yet feeling they may be alright also. I really don't want to say where they are coming from at this point as I do not want to make it look like I am questioning another company's integrity. Thanks, Jay:nuts:
  2. Hi Jay and welcome to the PF.

    The PF has a whole forum specifically for Balenciaga bags. You can find it by scrolling down to it on the PF home page, or click this link:

    To identify what type of Balenciaga bags you've bought, check out the "Balenciaga Reference Library" link located at the top of the Balenciaga forum.

    Once your bags arrive, you can post photos of them in the Balenciaga Authentication thread, which is located in the Balenciaga Shopping section of the Balenciaga forum. The ladies and gents there can help you with your authentication questions.

    There is also a thread in the Balenciaga forum that lists stores and websites that sell authentic Balenciaga bags. Unless you bought the bags from a legitimate store or website, like those listed on that thread, there's a high possibility your bags are fake. I hope not, for your sake.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks for the help and I am off to the Baleniaga area...Jay
  4. Where did you get these bags?

    Looking forward to your posts in the AT Balenciaga thread.

    The ladies there will take a look - but are volunteers.

    If you have three days to return, I'd post photos today!

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    As long as they are coming from one of the reputable sellers on the tpf list there shouldn´t be any problems about disclosing that info. I am looking forward to seeing your pictures in the authenticate this thread,

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