Balenciaga at Santa Barbara (CA) Store

  1. Saw a copy of the Santa Barbara magazine recently, and happened on an advert for this store "Dressed" (at least I think that's the name). So, decided to look online -, and saw that they have Balenciaga bags.

    The link below has a picture of the Courier bag; I'm assuming that it's the Rouille color. Looks like a really nice one ... anyone been to this store?
  2. Hi CeeJay,
    Is that allowed? I mean, by Balenciaga. No other retailers show pictures on their websites, not even Aloha. A nice member pointed out to me that that's why they have to do those fax order forms. Just wondering...:huh:
  3. That is a beautiful picture of the courier!
  4. I've never been to the store, but the Rouille Courier looks gorgeous! The leather on it looks fab, too!
  5. Wow -- the more Rouille bags I see, the more I want one!
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