Balenciaga at Saks?

  1. Hiii,

    I wasnt sure but does Saks anywhere carry Balenciaga? I usually frequent Saks since I have a card with them and was wondering if any of their stores carry Balenciaga handbags.

    Up until now, Ive always bought them from Balenciaga NY, Barneys or Aloha Rag.


  2. This past weekend the Denver Saks carried some beat up looking Balenciagas. Thinking they were a new (permanent) addition I asked the SA if they were getting in any more bags and accessories and I was told the bags were there for a week long trunk show. Your favorite SA at Saks should be able to order you in a bag if you ask.
  3. My Saks does not carry Balenciaga officially, but if you ask any SA, they will take you to the back room where a good 40-50 b-bags sit in a pile. They are all returns and some times you find really hard to find colors from previous season there!

    Any of course they will gladly order any bag from any other Saks for you at no charge.
  4. Whoa, Tods.... what store would that be???
  5. Philadelphia. I think people around here go a lot to NYC and DC to shop and then come back and change their minds. The store seems to hold on to those returns forever. The other great thing is since they are not part of the official inventory, there is no pressure and an SA can hold on to a bag for you forever waiting for those lovely triple-point days.
  6. Saks in San Francisco does not carry B-bags, but they CAN order them from one of the handful of Saks stores that does.