Balenciaga at Overstock

  1. wow...who knew they were selling bbags?!!!
  2. good deals!
  3. man.. too bad this isn't a green.
  4. I want to get a Balenciaga so bad but I just got to new LV so I have to wait! Thanks for posting.
  5. Oh so tempting....must resist...must resist!!!
  6. I was unsure and recently purchased a Balenciaga from overstock- 100% authentic!!!!!:yes:
  7. Thanks Bought it!!!
  8. The only annoying thing is that Overstock does have a tendency to inflate their retail prices for the discount calculation. In this case, the bag retails at $1,195 not $1,600 as Overstock says. You can see the true retail price on this reference site a TPFer created:
    Some of Overstock's retail prices are correct but I've noticed a lot of inflated ones. Makes the discounts look bigger than they are...
  9. Thanks for the great info., ladies! Who knew overstock carried bags like this! WooHoo! I'm gonna keep them on my watch list!
  10. Wow great deals! (even though some prices ARE over inflated)
  11. I really like sharing with you all but I STILL WANT TO PICK FIRST!!!!:yucky: