balenciaga at nordstroms....

  1. I read somewhere on here earlier that one of the pf members applied for a job at the sacramento Nordstroms balenciaga area...does anyone know if she got the job? forget her pf name.
    I was there the other day and whoever was there, michelle, didnt know anything about the bags. she printed out a bunch of things from this forum and from other sites trying to put together information, but she literally knew NOTHING about balenciaga, not even styles. I asked about the purse style and she must have thought I was making it up because she said she had done her research and didint find a purse ok.
    anyways, so she had a waiting list for the VIF rouge city and was only to get 3 people on and didnt even let me put my name down in case someone else changed there mind, didnt want it when it came in etc.

  2. Last time I was there I asked to see the book showing which styles were coming in and if I remember correctly, Nordstrom did not order the purse in any color. The sales reps there are still learning and unfortunately, don't receive a lot of information about the bags aside from what's featured their style book. Most end up researching and learning on their own time--or from PFers who share information. So far, all the SAs have been eager to receive "tutorials" so I'm sure they will be up to speed soon. By the way, I was also told they were only receiving 3 rouge vif cities and all were spoken for (I think they already have a couple of extra names on the list which is probably why they didn't add yours). I was lucky enough to see a rouge vif day bag there one day and almost splurged. It was gorgeous but I am holding out for a city.

    Did you happen to see the brown "whistle" bag they had? I loved the color and leather (and the charms!), but felt like the shape was kind of boxy. Sure wish they'd do the city in that thick, smooshy leather!
  3. Sarah is the manager there and the ONLY one that knows anything. You should speak directly to her.
  4. I love Nordies, but their SAs don't know much about the merchandise. My SA is always amazed by how much I know about bags and shoes.
  5. The SA I spoke to is really trying to get up to speed and understand the new line. I just don't think they were given the training and vocabulary. They really need someone to come in and give BBag 101.
  6. I know Michelle and she's really nice. The problem is that the BUYER at Nordstrom has given them NO PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE whatsoever. That makes it pretty hard when you're trying to sell things. I think we need to give these people a break.
  7. Sarah is the best :yahoo: !!!

    She will even email you when bags come in!!:wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  8. all michelle kept saying was " balenciaga has a religious following" after just about everything I asked her about the bag which my cousin and I thought was preety hilarious hahahaha!
  9. Gee ... their Product Manager must not be too bright if he/she doesn't provide the S/A's out on the floor with some information on the products that they are selling.

    On the other hand, a bright, industrious S/A would hop onto the Internet and get information ... if I was on commission, that's what I would do!
  10. I am going to say something and its probably unpopular... but here goes.

    I've seen a lot of posts here criticizing sales associates by NAME. I think that is something we really need to stay away from doing. I realize there are SAs out there that are rude. I've met them too. But I think we need to really think about the kind of liability we place on Vlad and Megs by publicly naming people- especially if statements, true or not, are being made which may damage their reputation or their ability to earn a living. There is a such thing as libel- and it is becoming more and more common for people to sue for libel that has taken place on internet forums too.
  11. What Nordies sells B-Bags?
  12. Yeah, I want to know what Nordies sells B-bags's my favorite department store; maybe the SAs don't know too much about Balenciaga but they have AMAZING customer service there!
  13. the sacramento, CA nordstroms sells balenciaga bags. Very very limited though.
  14. :true:. Roo- this probably deserves its own thread!