Balenciaga at Nordstrom Rack in Sacramento!!

  1. I thought of my ladies at TPF yesterday when I saw a bunch of B bags at my local Nordstrom Rack. I am not a Balenciaga girl (although I do like them) so I'm sorry but I don't know the exact style names. I checked out the reference library and the best I could tell is that the Bbags at Nordstom Rack are the Grenat and the Whistler and/or bags that look like that. They were all the boxy kind with the straps over the top that fasten with hardware. They had smallish and mediumish sizes and a few large tote size (the Grenat?). The Grenat-like bags were one in a camel color and one in navy. The other bags I really can't recall. They also had two black messenger looking black flap bags. They ranged in price but they appeared to be in the 500-600 range. About 50% off I think.
    Sorry I can't be of more assistance. I don't know whether the sales people would know much about the style names either but you can try (916)646-0846.
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  2. Prices range from 500-550.
  3. wow great price.
  4. I wish I could go and check out what they have, but the store is sooo far from where I live. :sad: But thanks for the heads up.
  5. good deals! Sound like the Whistle bag in grenat, truffle, and ink? And the messenger bags are maybe Bersaces?
  6. Wow, my jaw just hit the floor. I cannot believe they had Bbags on sale. Unbelivable!!! Hopefully it will trickle down to midwest..Thank you for sharing.
  7. wow - great deal!
  8. Any one call to find out what the bags exactly where? Any one buy one over the phone?
  9. Checked today at NR in Sacto and bags are still there. I'm not familiar enough with Balanciaga to describe, but NR does charge/sends. These bags are NOT returnable (ie. final sale).
  10. Sorry I can't be more helpful about the style names.