Balenciaga at NM in San Diego stock?

  1. Anyone know what the NM in San Diego currently carries? I am looking to see Bbags in styles of First and City. I think I need to go and feel IRL what the Balenciaga leathers feels like, and colors etc. If anyone can help, I really appreciate it!
  2. If you go let me know. I am going to Barneys BH tomorrow and I would MUCH rather drive to San Diego than to head to LA, cause I hate everything about LA!
  3. Hi Oh Donna!-I will sure to let you know. I am with you, I would rather drive to San Diego than LA, too!!!
  4. Aw....but LA has the best sales!
  5. I haven't been by there in a week or so, vut they have a pretty good selection of Firsts and a few Cities. I know they had a Blue India first and a Rouge Vif and a black City last week. My SA is Suzi and she is great. If you call her she will give you all the info you need. I don't have her number with me right now, but will post it later.