Balenciaga at DSW Shoes FOR REAL+

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  1. So this new shoe store opened up near me, it's called DSW Shoes and they have a purse section, but in one area of the purse section they had some designer handbags all locked up together (Burberry, Fendi, etc.)and in the middle was a Weekender in Black. It was totally authentic and they were asking $999 for it. I was really shocked to see it sitting there all by its lonesome self. How weird! It felt so strange for me to find a Balenciaga in a store like that!
  2. WOW I'm off to DSW:wlae:
  3. Yeah - only certain DSWs have them...only the ones that carry high end bags. Those DSWs are few and far between. I know that one of them is the Miami DSW on Dixie highway, and last time I checked they had a black Men's Besace and a Sapin Weekender.
  4. Yeah, I forgot to mention that this particular store is in Factoria here in Seattle. Still so weird!
  5. OMG. :shocked: I would never think these bags would show up at DSW. Thanks mammab for the info.
  6. That's awesome. My DSW is NAST. No good bags whatsoever.
  7. i haven't been to dsw in years.

    are they usually ones in ritzy areas or what?

    i could really go for a weekender at that price.
  8. There were a few pfer a few months ago that found some at DSW stores near them so I checked one in my area and there was NOTHING close to designer there so you pfer's that have them in your DSW's are VERY LUCKY!
  9. we have one near me in Pasadena. VERY DANGEROUS store for me to go to! Lots of amazing designer shoes for peanuts.
  10. DSW near me always has a ton of balenciaga bags, chloe, fedni, alexander mcqueen, prada, luella bartley,YSl etc.
  11. Which city is this DSW in?
  12. what's DSW?
  13. oooh nice to know the miami one is good ... I am moving down south and the one here in west palm beach is garbage! they don't even have coach shoes anymore. :shrugs:

    and dsw = designer shoe warehouse
  14. Miami has more than one ... the only one I know for sure has the high end bags is the [SIZE=-1]8607 S Dixie Hwy location, fyi. :yes:
  15. anyone knows DSW in Wasington DC area that carries designer bags? mine closest (Fairfax) never has any. TIA!