Balenciaga at Comic Con

  1. so this guy i used to date calls me today from comic con in san diego (it's a comic convention) and i guess there is an exhibit on cristobal balenciaga there in the art and fashion area! i thought that was cool and had to tell you all (now i want to go to see it hehe) :P
  2. Very cool! If I still lived in SD, I would totally go! If you go, please report back!:flowers:
  3. awww my friend even took pics of it..but someone stole his camera! booo i wanted to see
  4. boo... i want to see too!
  5. Oh, no! Someone stole his camera at Comic Con?!? That's awful!
  6. Oh, I've always wanted to go to Comic Con because one of my favorite actors...Elijah Wood attends every year.For those who don't who he is....he's the guy who played Frodo in the Lord of the Rings Movies.
    Too Bad about your friends camera, would've loved to see that exhibit.:P