Balenciaga article in People magazine

  1. I just got my People magazine (Kirstie Alley's on the cover, you go girl!!)- there is a 2 page article about Balenciaga- pg 83-84.

    There is a picture of the "must have" motorcycle bag- I'm surprised they didn't show Nicky Hilton or Nicole Ritchie's collection, lol. The article also goes into the history of the company and the head designer, Nicholas Ghesquiere.

    Better go and get your fall b-bags before the masses get theirs! I haven't decided which fall bag will be my first one- probably the ox blood purse- but it's hard to choose because they're all so beautiful.
  2. yikes, i just hope they never become tooooooo mainstream :hrmm:
  3. Thanks for the heads up!:smile:
  4. At these prices, they probably won't, unless you count the fakes.
  5. could someone scan the article? i'd like to read it and see which bags they are hyping up. but i guess I could just go pick up a copy...
  6. Is this today's copy of People?
  7. :smile: Thanks for letting us know!
  8. I got mine through the mail and it says it's for July 3rd.:flowers:
  9. Probably PR after the 06' leather complaints!!
    Thanks for the heads up!!
  10. They only have on small pic of a bag, a brownish First.
  11. LOL i was JUST coming here to post the same thing! :biggrin: just got my people hehe
  12. So is the article mainly text? I'm trying to decide if I will rush right out and buy one...

    Winona - That sounds so right! I haven't read an article about B-bags in at least a year, that would explain why they have one now all of a sudden...
  13. Too funny Winona77 and I'm sure you are right.

    Maybe that's why Barneys isn't going to be taking a lot of chances
    this year with Balenciaga.

    The adage "once burned, twice shy" seems appropriate here; i.e. suggesting that any of the retailers who had a bad experience with Balenciaga, are likely to shy away from being in the same situation again. :ninja:
  14. the dept. store that I go to barely ordered any this season (maybe 25 total) because they still have a lot of stock from last season :sad:
  15. I know Neimans had a lot of complaints too. The SA said they did not sell well this past year 2005-2006 due to all the problems with the leather and poor quality control.