Balenciaga Arena Matelasse in Moro

  1. Does anyone have this bag? It's a limited edition piece with double handles and quilted pattern. I'm thinking of gettting one. Any info on price etc will be greatly appreciated!
  2. well i caved! just picked one up from Barneys chestnut hill (peter is a doll to work with). got a small black matelasse- I'll post pics and let you know how it works out. I had him overnight it (i hate waiting!). I like the twisted funky chanel vibe it gives off.
  3. Yup ... I have the small-size (and believe me ... it's really not THAT small!) Black Quilted [Matelasse]; pictures below.

    I'm STILL waiting to receive my LARGE-size Rouge Vif Matelasse ... as a matter of fact, I'm going to check on the status right now!
    Black Med Padded - 1wtmk.jpg Black Med Padded - Leather Up Closewtmk.jpg Black Med Padded - Mirror Up Closewtmk.jpg
  4. i love your charms ceejay! they make the bag look even cooler! and I absolutely can't wait til you get the large red matelasse! that's going to be one amazing bag!
  5. OMG, I saw one in brown at Barneys last weekend and I wasthisclose to buying it. I loved the quilted mirror! It was a really gorgeous bag. Just didnt want to spend $1700+ that day.
  6. Thanks Mercer! Thanks CeeJay! It looks great!!
    Does anyone like the Moro (dark brown) color?
  7. tammy, i think the brown is beautiful! Have you seen the bag in person? the leather is soooooo soft!
  8. Mercer: I've never seen it IRL. It's just that a friend has one and she wants to sell rid of me, so I am thinking. I didn't know what the price and stuff was, so where better to ask experts than tPF!
  9. ^^ Aww, I LOVE that pic of the Arena Matelasse with that dog! :heart: Soo cute.

    Congrats on your new bag Mercer! Will you please post pics of it? I really want this bag too... in anthracite next season. :graucho: