Balenciaga Arena bag on

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  1. DArn!!! I just checked and it's no longer available. What the heck?
  2. nice! Its already gone :lol:
  3. What color was it?
  4. cyclamen :biggrin:
  5. Just checked it's still there!
  6. Wow, it's gone now, what a beautiful bag!! Wish I could've gotten it! Who got it?
  7. The Arena bag is on bluefly again if you ladies are interested. Here's a pic.
  8. Gone again.
  9. Gone gone gone...
  10. gone! :sad:

    anyways, i'm so bad at measurements. how small is it? just like an LV pochette?
  11. what color is cyclamen? magenta? is that photo the size that was for sale? its tiny... its called a shoulder, its the same size as the clutch, but with a strap to go over your shoulder

    600 for a shoulder? that isnt THAT great of a deal actually...
  12. ^^^how much does it retail?

    Bluefly comes out to pretty decent if you use a 15% off code and get 8% back from lucky rewards :lol:
  13. $695 is the original price
  14. I paid 517.95 for it after the discount and with shipping! Plus, the color seems pretty hard to find.
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