Balenciaga and the weather

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  1. Forgive me if this is a stupid question but I live in the very rainy Pacific Northwest and am just realizing how scared I am to take my expensive leather bags out during our (normal) 9 month rainy seasons.

    Do you guys take your Balenciaga bags out in the rain? I hate to buy any bag that I have to constantly be checking the weather forecast before I can take it with me. Here it can literally rain for months on end - not every minute of course but we tend to get alot of days of drizzle as opposed to places (where I have lived as well) where it pours and then the sun comes out. We actually get less inches of rain than most places it's just the fact that we have so many days when there is some rain. I think I'd rather live in the places where it rains hard and then it's done but my family is here so I expect to be here for a long time to come.

    Thanks for any information you can provide. Peggy
  2. I live in n Florida and it rains at least once a day (but then its gone and sunny again!). I always have a thin plastic grocery type bag folded up either in my office or car. - I've gotten my balenciaga wet (not soaked) and it dries normally.
  3. p.s. I've been known to hold my b bag above my head when carrying un umbrella so no part of its gets wet :smile: meanwhile the lower half of myself is getting soaked.
  4. Another Pfer had a GREAT idea a few days ago, she said carried a garbage bag in the bottom of her purse for when it rains. I think thats an awesome idea. I cant take credit for it though...I dont remember who it was!
  5. Hi Alexenjie, I live in Seattle and I've had my share of B bags. The only one I ever had a problem with in the rain was my Calcaire. It would get dark spots on it but when it dried the spots went away. Still, it bothered me so I protected her with 3 coats of Appleguard (but if you use this on other leather bags, take caution as it contains conditioners which can darken the leather)

    I never protected any other colors (black, rouge, indigo, etc.) because I felt with the darker colors, the more you use them, the more beautiful they will look (if I only still had them!)

    I'm supposed to be getting a black work here any minute and I can't wait!
  6. all of my balenciaga is in dark tone, and once it got poured with heavy rain. but it dries back perfectly...
  7. My bubblegum pink has been caught in several downpours...dried out perfectly!
  8. I live in the Pacific NW too! So far, when caught out in the rain, my bbags have recovered beautifully. So don't worry and use them!
  9. Another Seattlelite checking in and I haven't had any problems with my ink city but I would be a lot more careful if I had a light color bag. My bag has gotten wet and dried out beautifully.
    What color are you thinking of getting?
  10. I was definitely thinking about getting a dark blue balenciaga. I'm happy to see other people from the Seatle area here and that you have had no problems permanent stains from rain.

    I hate the thought of spending so much on a bag and then only being able to use it for a couple of months out of the year. Thank you for easing my fears! Peggy
  11. the rain actually improved my bag

    i had a shiny and veiny ink messenger and it got caught in some heavy rain - sure enough afterward the ugly shine went away and the leather got less veiny. a blessing in disguise?
  12. I used to live in Seattle too; there are a lot of NW girls on here! I miss it. :sad:

    Anyway, I carried my bags in the rain and they all dried back to normal. I freaked out the first time since the leather gets darker. But no permanent changes!
  13. I have also been pleasantly surprised by how well Balenciaga bags survive rain! Of course, I wouldn't subject them to any more moisture than necessary, but it's amazing how well they dry!

  14. that was me! im the garbage bag in my bag queen... once when i was on the street quickly stuffing my bag into its plastic bag in an unexpected rain storm, a woman came up and asked me if i had an extra one for her bag!
  15. hahaha! that's so cute!