Balenciaga and Saks Fifth Avenue

  1. Does anyone know if Saks in NYC has a Balenciaga boutique inside? Do they have lots of bags/colors to choose from?

  2. Saks doesn't carry balenciaga but Barneys (61st & madison) does, there is also the balenciaga boutique in chelsea as well as kirna zabete in soho
  3. Just Saks in NYC? Or all of them? Because Saks in Greenwich, CT has a bunch of Balenciagas....:hrmm:
  4. I think the Boca Raton Saks also carries B-bags. I called once and they didn't have much, but they had them.
  5. I've never seen SAKS 5th ave carry balenciaga. wish they would.
  6. I think it depends on where the SFA is in relation to other stores in the area that sell Balenciaga. For instance, in the Boston area, since Barneys and Louis Boston both sell Balenciaga, the Saks wouldn't be allowed to sell them as well.

    However, if I remember correctly, the Saks in Chevy Chase, Maryland did sell Balenciaga bags because no other retail stores around the area did (I'm not sure if this is still true).
  7. Chevy Chase Saks does not sell Bbags. However, NM Tysons Corner VA does.
  8. Saks NYC Does NOT carry Balenciaga, Austin or Houston, Boca, Greenwhich Think there are only 4 stores that do
  9. are they in boutiques? in my nm it was just with other handbags..? and others have already answered the saks question.:amuse:
  10. Saks in San Antonio carries Balenciaga and the one in Boca Raton.