Balenciaga and Luisaviaroma

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  1. Has anyone bought a Balenciaga bag from

    I just read that one of our members bought a Chloe from LVR for $1285usd (add in fedex for $120 = roughly $1400 total) that would have retailed for $1800 plus tax here in the States :blink:

    If one can save so much money ordering Chloe why hasn't anyone ordered Balenciaga from them???

    We all know what the bags look like - there would be little reason to return them and the savings seem substantial.

    Has anyone ever gotten a pdf from LVR - I emailed them 2 months ago and they never sent me one :evil: - that would be one reason not to order from them. :P
  2. I guess I keep forgetting that LVR carries Balenciaga! I would love to know what they have in stock. I just read the thread about the paddy savings, that's quite a chunk of cash! If the price difference is good between LVR and other retailers, I'd be more than tempted to order from them.
  3. I've heard a lot of negative feedbacks from members that ordered Paddys from them so I'm a little hesitant to order from them.
  4. Most of the negative feedback surrounds customer service; i.e. lack of return emails, not getting ETAs on ship dates, things of this nature.

    Most people who want to buy Balenciaga know what they want - I have actually never heard of a "faulty" b-bag being recieved by anyone. The fact that b-bags are so popular even if you did not want the bag after you recieved it you could sell it for US retail and make a profit over the LVR price.

    Now, if only they returned or read their flipping email. :evil:
  5. Loganz, i received the list of their available bags, if you want, i can forward it to you, just pm your email. i think the thing that bothered me is that they require a wire bank transfer for the bags.
  6. Hmm...that would bother me too; but yes, I would love to see the file.

    Thank you - I am pm'ing you my email now. :biggrin:
  7. me too me too PUHLEEEEZE! Thanks so much :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: I'll PM you
  8. I just forwarded the email. let me know if it doesn't work.
  9. I got a word document from LVR last week of their Balenciaga bags...PM with your email address and I will send it to you.
  10. Thank you - email recieved, and it works great.

    their selection is so-so; I bet they sell most of the b-bags in their physical stores and don't really feel a need to push them through online sales.
  11. I think the wire transfer puts me off. I looked into buying balenciaga from LVR, and thought it would work out cheaper until I realised the bank could charge me up to £70 for a wire transfer. So I decided not to bother.
  12. i bet that has a lot to do w/ it. And the fact that card verification is easier online than it is over the phone. I'm sure a bank transfer is just a way of protecting themselves since they don't sell them online.
  13. I got negative feedbacks from people that ordered Paddys not Bbags. They received their Paddys with scratches on handles and a few other things. My cousin bought a paddy from LVR as well and she has few scuff marks on the bottom. :sad2: Not very pretty. I don't know what's going on with them lately.
  14. those were chloe problems not LVR. Balenciaga doesn't allow stores to sell over the internet so you have to jump through some hoops to buy. It is a balenciaga ruling not LVR. There is not a worry about a bank transfer you just have to figure all the costs in and I think B bags are only slightly less than here whereas paddys save about $250.
  15. I think LVR mainly sell in their stores and are not so acquainted with web sales. Even if I live in Florence so the shop is like 10 minutes from where I live, I emailed them for the PDF of the bal-bags because they have such an annoying attitude! I am 30 but look much younger, and still dress like a girl in her late teens :biggrin:: mostly jeans (even if superbranded) and pullovers. Every time I go there they look at me as if I was a junkie. I hate their jidging style so I avoid going there IRL. The only way to get theri attention is to look like a tourist. In that case, they are all nice. Anyway, I got their PDF in two days with a very nice email. So far I had no bad experiences with them but I've seen how they keep their bags in the store: on the shelves so that everybody can touch them freely. It might be that they send them when people buy by email. It would be a very.. Italian attitude :biggrin:D
    Anyway, even if I know that I can order bags there I am thinking of buying my first B-bag in July, when me and my husband leave for our belated honeymoon in Australia: we will stop also at Singapore and in Sydney and I know both places have retailers that carry Balenciagas..