Balenciaga addicts - What is the most bags you've purchased & in what time-frame?

  1. Including my Rouge VIF City buy today, I have purchased a total of two B-bags in a space of about two months...

    2 bags in a about 2 months is a good effort I thought to myself, but I'm sure that others have gone to much more extreems than that!

    From memory, I recall some PF members getting two bags in one hit, and other bags being "on the way"!

    So - the question!

    Whats the most Balenciaga's you have purchased and in what time frame?

    Can't wait to see the answers to this one!

    This thread will formally document how sickly addicted we all are to these super-gorgeous baggies!

    Mine so far: 2 bags in 2 months (my bf got me the first one, but I'm counting it anyway...)
  2. OMG...From September to December 2006 I went from getting my very first B-bag to buying over 20 of them. But I didn't keep them all. It was just so addictive....My heart would pound everytime I hit a BIN, send Paypal Payment, or handed over cash or Credit Cards.

    I miss that rush....need more $$$ :sos:
  3. Time frame: 1 month (give or take a week or so) = 3 b-bags!!! Rouge Vif City, Ink Twiggy, Apple Green Twiggy!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
  4. I know that "rush"! I had it today when I was waiting for an eBay seller to accept/ reject my offer...

    Its like being on some sort of banned substance!

    20 BAGS... sheesh, I'm just a small-timer! You put me to shame!
  5. I think my record was 2 B-bags in 12 minutes.
  6. I went through 9 bags in between March and Dec. ahh a summer romance! I have 3 now that I love!
  7. My 3 first bags were bought in 2 weeks...
    From June to November I bought 11...
    And today I own 9.
  8. Dont ya just love that BIN button? Only a click away... every second of the day!
  9. Havent gone crazy buying Bbags really, but last years I bought almost 30 Chloe bags within a 4 month period.
  10. In one month I bought 4 bags. Two with me and the other two on the way. I don't think I am going to get that many each month..I am putting it down to "I just started loving bbags so atm I am abit crazy with my buying spree". :upsidedown:
  11. I bought 2 in the space of a week - just after I lost my job. Granted, each was a steal that I couldn't pass up. Last year I bought a total of 3 and got 1 as a gift. If I keep going at this pace, my BF might just become an ex :crybaby:
  12. In 3 months Aug - Oct I bought 6 Bags, but sold 1/returned 1 ...
    still have the 4 :p
  13. From Oct. to now I have bought a black City, grenat Part Time, marron Weekender, truffle shoulder (which I want to sell), black toilette case, blue roi makeup, greige First, magenta pouchette and a blue roi Purse. I will be adding a truffle Mini Bowling within a few months.
  14. Too many to count? Let's see if I remember them all...
    From Jan 06 to Jan 07:
    pewter hobo
    2 red citys
    2 red hobos
    2 marron citys
    2 black citys
    marron twiggy
    grenat twiggy
    dolma city
    bubblegum city
    rose city
    turq 05 twiggy
    dark turq 04 city
    rouge vif hobo
    rouge vif money wallet
    black boobie
    silver boobie
    lilac 03 city
    lilac 04 city
    pewter first
    seafoam first

    Think that's it. OMG

    What I still have:
    04 black city w/ pewter
    03 lilac city w/pewter
    04 lilac city
    04 seafoam first w/ pewter
    04 dark turq w/ pewter
    04 marron twiggy
    05 turq twiggy
    05 dolma city
    05 bubblegum city
    04? rose city
    05 red city
    rouge vif money
    black boobie

    What I think I might sell (because I'm really feeling overwhelmed with bags!):
    dolma city
    red city
    rose city

    And I really need to make a choice between the following cause they're all too close and it doesn't make sense to keep them all:
    03 lilac
    04 lilac

    I think I might be nuts lol.

    As sson as the seafoam and lilac 04 arrive I will try to do a group shot. Or at the very least document colors, ie. comparing the lilacs, rose and bubblegum, and all 4 together, ect.

    And my wish list:
    red city with pewter, probably an 03.
  15. Sunspark - Can you post a picture with your 03 & 04 lilacs? I soo want a Lilac bag, but the one I found is an 06 and it was darker, veiny - so i didn't buy it. So, I just wanted to see the color difference in yours? I'd really appreciate it (when you get the 04) thanks.