Balenciaga accessories: WILD or MILD?

  1. As you know I went on a bit of a coin purse tear this week - now I'm moving on to other accessories as well.
    I've been thinking about the makeup/cosmetic bag: but I go back and forth on color:

    *on one hand if a get a dark or neutral color I can wear it more easily as a clutch!
    *but on the other: sometimes it's fun to have a pop of color to brighten up the inside of your bag?
    *Also there's the "matchy" issue? Should you buy accessory colors that will either match or compliment the color of your bags?

    Just wondering what others thought about it. What's your plan on picking colors for Balenciaga accessories? Feel free to post photos too! :flowers:

    (I purchased 2 neutral colors and 1 bright color coin in case anyone didn't see the other thread.)
  2. WILD, BABY! I am in the pop of color camp. I've been considering a black one for ages but can't quite pull the trigger. I don't feel the need to match because I like the contrast and, heck, I'm usually carrying a black bag anyway. I do love the neutral ones though. I love them ALL.

    I took this pic yesterday... and there was a perfectly good reason my goodies were in a Target bag, really! :p

  3. ^OH WOW!!!! :tup:

    Well, I have these:


    so I go for color but usually not the bright ones because I think the darker ones might hold up better and dirt/marks will probably show less.
    That said... I'm eyeing a sky blue sgh coin purse to try something new! ;)

    Go with what you like. If you're considering re-sale value, go for color though!
  4. I think a pop of color is amazing and it always looks great inside a bbag and by itself!
  5. :nuts: Murphy!!! Your target bag collection is amazing! :nuts:
  6. :drool:i love those colors together
  7. I'd say WILD:supacool:. It's also the opportunity to buy pop colors that you are not sure of wearing as a bag. I love colorful accessories, my blue india wallet pops in all of my bags, and i love it in my truffle as well as in my teal which is close to blue india. :heart:
    unfortunately, it's the only accessory i have... for now!:wlae::roflmfao:
    i may get a turquoise make up soon, very soon...
    IMG_2076.JPG IMG_2079.JPG IMG_2184.JPG
  8. Dang! That is precicely the accessorie I have been searching the globe for :nuts: Those little suckers a super hard to come by!!! I want one!!! :crybaby:
  9. I say WILD. I wouldn't carry a pink or blue bbag myself, but I love a pop of color inside my bag. My wallet, that I've had for years ( and it still looks great) is a Marc Jacobs zippy in pink geranium. I use it in every bag I carry, no matter what the color. I'm on the lookout for a BG or Magenta coin purse.
  10. i :heart: all bal accessories but i especially love those with a pop of colour ~ here is my tomato MU :love:

  11. [​IMG]

    what a gorgeous collection *murphy* ~ especially :heart: your VG MU :love:

  12. wow your mu is yummy!:heart::drool::heart::drool:
  13. viki, I love your tomato mu as well!!!

    And murphy, all I can say is :nuts:

    I agree that accessories are a great way to do a pop of color, because I myself won't ever buy a pink or purple or other bright bag. I prefer the neutrals, but think accessories would be a great way to have that "pop".

    Still, beaux, the MU is my fave style accessory, and if I got one, I'd also use it as a which case I'd probably get a more neutral color so I could use it as a clutch or accessory. I find the MU is quite large and wonder if it'd end up being used more as a clutch than an accessory?

    Guess that doesn't help much! My only accessory right now is the money wallet, in black, so I don't have much experience to go by. But let us know what you decide!
  14. I love everyone's beautiful accessories!! I've never thought of getting a coin purse or clutch, but seeing all these beautiful pictures really makes me :drool:
  15. You guys are pulling me over to the WILD SIDE!! I have a bunch of Bottega Veneta accessories (card holder, wallet, makeup) that are all black - but now that I'm going over to the Balenciaga accessories camp I'm thinking maybe I should go more WILD!