Balenciaga Accessories- easier to damage?

  1. I've already got a mark on my Blue India Coin Purse :sad:

    It's a small spot from some loose lipgloss I had in my bag!

    I wanted to know if others PF'ers find that their accessories are more susceptible to damage as they are a loose object in their bags?

    I think that with car-keys and other dodgy objects floating around in my bag with my Coin Purse, this was going to happen at some stage... but so soon :cursing:

    Anyone else experience this?

    I'm going to give her a spa treatment this weekend that should get rid of it... or else with wear I'm sure it will wear/ fade off...

    Any thoughts/ advice?
  2. i haven't had any damage to my coin purse and i tend to damage stuff rather quickly :shame: but it's ink so maybe it just doesn't show :lol:
  3. my small access don't get damage, and i'm a wrecker! :p
    but i always put my sharp objects in my bags inside a small bags like the coin purses, so nothing sharp flying around to damage my LV's MC and panda access which is wayyy more easier to damage then bal-access.
  4. My coin purse does seem to get more wear than my bags since it moves around in it and bumps into my other stuff :yes:
    I think the best thing to do is what seahorseinstripes said, to put sharp objects or things that would damage your coin purse in another coin purse... Gives you an excuse to get another:graucho:
  5. Aha! fashion, did you hear what perce said? You just need another coin purse to keep damage at a minimum...:graucho:
  6. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

    So another Coin Purse hey?

    Hmmmm... NO.... I'm on a Purse and Accessory Ban...

    Ok, I'll try and work something out :supacool:
  7. I don't have any accessories... but my Ink mirror has a few scratches on it from keys and such... I've just tryed putting that stuff on the other side of the bag from now on, after I noticed it...

    My wallet is a MJ zip clutch, so the leather isn't particularly delicate or anything... so anything scratchy like, I can just put by it!! ;)
  8. That's what I do too, and it has kept everything looking great, even an ivory MJ cc wallet that I was sure was going to suffer very quickly.

    Of course I now have a 16 month old who loves exploring so all the tassels, accessories actually, who am I kidding, all my purses have to be kept at a distance!:yes: LOL!
  9. I recommend you put your sharp objects (like our keys usually) in the front pocket like I do. It keeps them away from your delicate accessories but also keeps them at easy access to you so you don't have to fish around for them (thereby scratching things up in the fishing process).
  10. i stuff my coin purse full until the zippers barely close, but there's no damage on any of my coin purses.
  11. Well I gave her a spa treatment and she looks a little better - the spot is really faint...

    I think I will just have to wait till it wears off over time...
  12. ^^
    glad to hear she looks better!!

    I've been doing that with all things in my purse.. that's why I use a 6 key holder instead of a key-chain so that my keys can't scratch up anything else!

    I also put my lipglosses and anything that can leak into a smaller pouch to prevent it from leaking and messing up my other things.

    heehee... although I FULLY believe in the multiple accessories thing. Once I figure out how much use I'm ACTUALLY going to get out of my Bal coin purse I will muse over whether another coin purse or a makeup clutch/shoulder will be more useful! :p
  13. I think another Coin Purse is required here... :nuts:
  14. I have a small wallet that has worn around the edges faster than I had expected. I ended up getting this from e-luxury.
    It's just the right size for my wallet, chapstick and lipgloss. Plus, it brings a smile to my face everytime I take it out of my bag:p
  15. How cute!