Balenciaga, a good travel bag?

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  1. Hey guys, I need your opinion on the Balenciaga Arena Classic City Bag as I'm thinking of purchasing one. I have been wanting to get one but not sure about the function and quality. I'm thinking of using it as my everyday bag and also for when I'm travelling.

    Note: When I'm travelling I carry a lot of stuff with me and was just wondering if this would be a good choice. What I carry when I'm travelling:

    13" Macbook, iPad mini, Samsung NX1000 Camera, Daily planner book, wallet, passport, iPod, sunglasses, reading glasses, keys and that's pretty much it.

    Your opinions are greatly appreciated!:biggrin:
  2. A city will be too small for traveling. Have you considered a part time, velo or day style?
  3. + 1 part time would be perfect for your use
  4. A courier or weekender are two larger styles that would hold a great deal.
  5. Crazy thought but why don't you take all that stuff with you to the store and see what fits it best? I got a city because I thought that's what I needed but a town ended up being the better call for me. (No regrets on having both though...) Most sales people will be patient as you check sizing and if they aren't, don't buy from them.
  6. I would go with the Part-Time or Work.
  7. I just came back from another trip with my trusted work - for me this is the perfect travel bag. A city is probably too small for you, I would consider a work or even a weekender.
  8. I like these choices because they all have easy shoulder options.
  9. Thanks you guys for all of your opinions, they really helped me a lot. I will probably go for a Classic and just put my MacBook in my carry on. Also, do you guys know if the black will become washed out after years of usage?

  10. Hi, what do u mean by classic? A work? If u r carrying a macbook pro, go with part time for its shoulder strap. A macbook in a bag makes it way to heavy to hold by hand for a while.

    The black looks good on my weekender so far. Balenciaga has the world's best dyeing technics, so the leather looks just like what it is for years.
  11. The work is my favorite traveling bag :smile:
  12. Sorry I meant City and decided to put my MacBook in my carry on. I think the part-time and work is a little to big for me as an everyday bag. This will definitely hold a lot more than my PS11, hehe.
  13. I always use the work as my travel bag.