Balenciaga 2006 Holiday Collection

  1. Check it out ... Balenciaga has posted it's 2006 Holiday Collection bags (all pictures courtesy of the Balenciaga Website):
    2006 Holiday - Whistle Square in Lambskin.jpg 2006 Holiday - Whistle Small in Linen.jpg 2006 Holiday - Whistle Large in Lambskin.jpg
  2. Ceejay, do you know if they will be offering metallic motorcycle bags like in years past? I'd really LOVE to get one!
  3. I haven't heard anything about a Metallic collection for this year; it seems as though Balenciaga is really taking a new direction on the 'styles' (unlike before).

    On the other hand, I just got off the phone with a retailer who sells authentic Balenciaga bags, and she told me that a number of the new bags (including the holiday collection) will be made in Lambskin and other 'exotic' leathers (she mentioned a python bag that starts at $4k!).

    I'm kind of hoping that they do more metallics too ..
  4. ahh... the whistle bags. i'm not sure how i feel about them yet. thanks for the post ceejay.
  5. Here's a stupid question, but how do you open them? Do you have to unhinge that piston every time?
  6. Agreed ... can't say they are "ringing my bell" either!
  7. LOL - that's awesome... I totally agree:lol:
    I do hope they bring back the metallic ones... now that I've discovered bbags, I'd love to get a small metallic First!
  8. mmm I want a metallic classique so badly. I just had a frustrating experience on eBay this week with one... *grits teeth*

    so I'd looooove a darker pewter color! metallic black to match my nails! :rochard:
  9. ^^I agree, more metallics would be cool!
  10. :roflmfao: That's great! That would be a nice-lookin' bag.

    Thanks for posting those photos, CeeJay. I like the size of the first brown one the best, although it looks like a royal pain to get into them. The whistle is cute, and I'm glad they put the mirror on it as well. I sort of depend on my b-bag mirror now. :girlsigh:
  11. Well--I like the whistle--not sure about the bag.
  12. the problem wiht b-bags is I"M STUCK WITH ONLY A FEW OPTIONS.
    i never really like their new design like hookline etc...
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