BALENCIAGA 20% off at Shirise!!!

  1. Toll Free
    1-866-SHIRISE (744-7473)

    No tax if you don't live in ILLINOIS

    I called them and they'll take your order + $10 shipping. Their website is
  2. Oh, I should add that they're also having other discounts on other accesories as well (I didn't ask), so give them a call if you're interested!
  3. ^ What?!?! is this discount for their handbags??? omg.......
  4. Are they legit? What is the discount code for 20% off, or do you have to call them?

  5. Is there a coupon code for online to get the 20% off?
  6. They're legit. And yes, it's not noted on their website, but PF member Bella Blonde just bought her Balenciaga Day bag from them and said that they're having a Mother's Day sale. I called them up and they'll take your order on the phone. 20% off, no tax if you're not in ILLINOIS, $10 shipping. Only til tomorrow.

    HURRY UP, ladies, save me from myself!!! I must not buy another bag that's not on my list....
    not on my list...
    not on my list...
  7. What is their return policy? Anyone know?
  8. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...

    I just ordered a Lilac City!!! S&H $25, 20% off, all sales are final so no return. I asked them what if there is something wrong with the bag and they said they check the bags before sending them out.

    They are sending the bag out today via UPS and I should get it in a few days.

    OMG. I hope they are legit!!!
  9. BTW, the guy who helped me was really nice. He was a bit surprised how I learned about the sales. I told him it was on a purse forum on the Internet.

    hatikuh - how did you hear about it?

    Thanks for sharing
  10. WHO HOO! Just ordered a Cornflower Blue City:yahoo: I want go order more.. someone stop me!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm thinking of calling back & ordering an Ink or Rouille City.
  11. WOW 20%?? Must.....control....myself....
  12. Horrible! I just bought a paddy =(

    I want an ink twiggy...oh my....must turn the computer off now.....must not buy anymore will hang me if I do....
  13. LOL everyone thank Bella Blonde for tipping us on this!!! :heart: I heard it from her in the Balenciaga sub forum. The SA I talked to was Tony and he was very nice. I'm dying to get a day bag, I'm going to sleep on it tonight. If it's still there tomorrow then it's mine. Somebody please save me from myself!!!!!!

    They must be busy answering phone calls now LOL
  14. THANKS BELLA BLONDE:love: I spoke with Tony too. He didn't even sound surprised when I told him I was from the PF:lol: Yes, I bet their phone is ringing like crazy. I ALMOST ordered one from them last week. Glad I waited~
  15. Again, they are a real store. I have been there. They have great stuff. I wouldn't worry about buying anything there in terms of authenticity or quality but it is definitely final sale.