Balenciaga 04 mystery green at decadestwo

  1. I was just there about an hour ago and the mystery green city is $675 or something around that. The handles have darken slightly and the corners have minimal wear, i would say the overall condition are pretty good for a 2004 bag. If this is the color you are looking for give them a call at 323-655-1960. :flowers:
  2. i got it!!!!! OMG, the color and the leather are TDF!! they also have a teal from s/s 05 and a dark brownish/reddish day bag but it looks like the handle was put back on or repaired because the rivets are all weird...

    what a great store too - great designer pieces at reasonable prices. anyone in los angeles, it would pay to go check them out! they also have a ton of lv, prada, etc. bags and accessories :yes:
  3. Pics, nicole, post pics!!!
  4. i will, i will!! she's safely tucked in her bag right now...
    are you in LA RERE?? you need to go to this store!!
  5. No damn it! NO I am NOT! Crap, crap. :wtf: ---> :crybaby:

    I saw your "lala land" and wasn't sure if it was LA or not.

    OMG I'm so excited. You need to post pics asap girl!

    I want to make a trip down there soon, so maybe you can fill me in.
  6. ^^ why did i think you were in LA? prob cause you're cool like me :p
    i am going to try to post some pics tomorrow, turkey day. we'll see how that goes ;)
  7. Damn, Nicole! That was fast! :choochoo: Did you race over there or call?
    I've been to that store - very cool. I never saw a bbag there though. How much is the teal and what style is it?
    I'm happy you got it! Congrats! :yahoo:Post pics, please!!!
  8. Holy moly Nicole you champion!!! I LOVE Mystery Green. Arghhh! I am so friggin excited for you. Pics PLEEEEESE
  9. seriously, i ran over there so fast today!!! they are only open from 11:30 - 6 - what kind of hours are those for a working girl?! so today i "ran errands" which basically consisted of me racing across town to this store! they have some cool clothes as well, like the most fantastic rick owens leather jacket for $450! and a chloe suite for $650!

    anyway, the teal city is from s/s 05. it was pretty faded and the handles were also pretty dark. they are super dark on the mystery green i got! she's off to LMB next week for a spa treatment!

    i must say that all of the grime fades in the distance when it's next to that pewter hardware!! what a difference it makes - the color totally pops!!!
  10. Ohhhhh! I can't wait to see it!! She'll probably look good as new when she comes back!
  11. Oh, I will haved to check this store out!

    Congrats on the mystery green!
  12. ooh congrats nicole!! :smile: please post pix!!!
  13. I LOVE mystery green! please post pics, oh, and big congrats!
  14. Wow, that was quick nicole. I love mystery green. I can't wait for your pics. Congratulations once again
  15. Congrats! Weren't you caught up in traffic? I ran errands yesterday and the freeways were packed at 11:30 am.! UGH! I hate LA traffic.