Balencia Box In Pale Pink Bin 430$!!!but.....

I like how the seller is honest and funny about the whole thing. Still though I know the price is low but for me it isn't low enough for a bag with noticable refinishing and nothing to go with it.
my coworker is actually really considering this i guess, she emailed the seller to ask about the handles fitting on her shoulder (she's a petite blonde gal) and loves the idea of a pink. she has never owned a b-bag before so she doesn't care about the refinished handles or no mirror or anything...she just likes the look of them and would love to own one for an affordable price. but she's not sold on the whole no strap and only handle thing. but we'll see! i hope she gets it mainly because i want to play with it!!! hee hee.
NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! someone bought it while i was at work. oh well. i guess it wasn't meant to be. i am picky about my bags anyways.... so i guess i will wait and save for a better box.