Balencia Box In Pale Pink Bin 430$!!!but.....

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    :confused1: :confused1:
  2. please post the link! Refinished handles and no goodies with the bag? I dont want it but I am curious to see the auction!

  3. Sorry:shame: :shame: :shame:
  4. after seeing the auction I do believe the seller is right about it would make a good starter bag for a teenager. I do appreciate the sellers honesty though.
  5. I agree that i would be a great starter bag and ditto Donna on the sellers honesty...
  6. lol i am trying to enable my coworker into getting out of coach bags and into a slightly more pricey bag, and i am all 'look at this cute pink balenciaga!!'...she loves the style so she is tempted. hee. :devil:
  7. i think this box is perfectly priced, and i definitely appreciate the seller's honesty. it really doesn't look all that bad actually!
  8. I love honest Sellers! Great deal for an authentic bag!
  9. Argh. I want this, but I'm not really sure of the condition of the bag. The pictures showing any wear aren't that great. Good price, though.
  10. lol, I just sent this seller an email- then saw this thread! I think the seller should get a refund from the previous seller... that seller is evil. not mentoning that it had been refinished! missing the strap! needs to be cleaned! frickkk... I would be on a new level of steamingly angry if that happened to me!
  11. I wouldn't mind giving it a new home, cept she doesn't ship internationally. I would have liked there to be extra tassels and the handles not touched up but then it wouldn't be this cheap lol
  12. aww.. she doesnt ship internationally!!
  13. I WANT THIS!!!!!!!! condition's not great, but then again i am not the nicest to my bags either. I have a cornflower city, a lilac first, and the pale pink would complete my half of the ss06 collection!!!!!!!!! or should I wait around for a twiggy?? hum..... but i like the smallness of the box.... ARGH!!!!!
  14. such a good price! and the box is nice without the strap....but it still seems like alot for such a dirty bag. Do all light color bags get like this???

    is someone going to buy it?