Baleciaga versus Bottega Veneta or is there even a comparison

Linda Marie

Dec 31, 2006
Okay I know both are totally different but what do you think of the Bottega Veneta Bags? I love there vintage ~ wonderful buttery thick smushy leather ~

Linda Marie
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Aug 14, 2006
I love the leather on the BV bags, but I do not like the style of the bags in general. They feel too old or too dressy for me. Maybe in ten years. Also, I do prefer the balenciaga leather in colors over the BV leather in colors. The way Balenciaga dyes their bags makes the colors seem saturated and glowy - like a gem. BV leather looks more flat.


Mar 29, 2006
I have mixed feelings about BV bags - there are some I adore and many that are just not appealing to me at all. (Hm - that's kind of true of Bal, too.) I really like the BV weaving and texture and details - the more baroque the better - but as a rule the colors are not as nice as Bal's (what circoit said). The workmanship on BVs is outstanding - however, I've had a couple of BV frame bags and have one Bal frame bag... and the quality of the hardware on the Bal just puts the BVs to shame. In general, I think Balenciagas are easier to wear - I don't feel like I need to "live up to" my bag with a Bal - it just fits whatever I'm doing.


Jul 17, 2006
I think both due to color and leather quality of Balenciagas - especially the older variety - all other bags pale in comparison. I like looking at the more intricate Bottegas but they're interesting to me only as objects, not as handbags.
I bought my first Balenciaga when I had my first out-of-college job, it was meant to be the "nice" work bag. Since then I lost my job and went freelance, doing very unglamorous things sometimes, wearing mostly jeans, Pumas, and t-shirts/sweaters. Balenciagas manage to be casual enough to blend in, yet subtly and special in a way that dresses up the most casual outfit.
I really agree with what LP said about not having to live up to the bags - they just adapt to my style, even as it changes and evolves.


Jul 17, 2006
I love the leathers on both! Different, but equally fabulous.
In terms of colours, Balenciagas def win hands down, while BV has really super craftsmenship.

Right now, I feel that the style of the Moto is perfect for me. I do lust after some BV styles, but they aren't quite everyday me yet.

That said, am def looking to add a BV bag to my collection soon! *crosses fingers*


Jan 6, 2006
I do love some BV designs e.g. ball bag, woven hobo and IMO the quality and softness of the leather is outstanding.
My ball bag has the softest leather I ever felt even much softer than Bbags. I do love the fun colours about Bbags and there are more styles I like so I have much more Bbags than BVs but from the craftmanship, leather and quality BV is far superior to Balenciaga (no splitting tassles, coated edges problem, nor properly dyed on some parts). That would never ever pass the QC of BV but it passes with Balenciaga but anyway my heart is set for Bbags and just for one bag style of BV.


Jan 6, 2006
I agree--in terms of quality of construction, BV far surpasses Balenciaga. I prefer the styling though of the moto bags (not the other ones though). Some of the recent BV bags have looked a big horsey for my taste. I own both--a BV for when I need to look more elegant (an older slimmer style that I prefer) and a couple of b'bags for when I'm being really casual.