Baleciaga ! Does anyone out here own a part time?

  1. and if so what do you think? Colour? I checked the pics the other day and I didn't see one unless I missed it ~

    Linda Marie

  2. I just bought a grenat Part Time. I love the color and the size. Here is a pic.
  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhh! I love it! Really love it! and the colour. I ordered a Chocolate and can't wait to get it! Not too many around ~ thanks for the pic.

    Linda Marie:p
  4. CONGRATS on your new bag!! Make sure and post pics when you get it.
  5. I'm a Part Time lover :yes: I have the black which goes with everything I own and gives any outfit an edgier look ;)

  6. I sure will! Thanks
  7. I have the blue india part-time, in the picture. I normally wear cities or twiggies, then decided to branch out and debated the work, but I wanted something with the strap, so part-time was absolutely perfect! She's the blue one in the front.
    Balenciaga Collection.JPG
  8. I almost got the blue india PT! still hope to have a PT one day... like the bigger/longer than city size and the strap!
  9. Thanks everyone !! All look gorgeous!