bald spot on Lucy's leg?

  1. Hey y'all!!

    I was wondering if you could help me figure out what this is. I was playing with my Lucy (APBT) outside this afternoon and discovered a bald patch on her hind leg. Upon closer inspection, the skin looks a little flaky but it's not red nor swollen. The patch is about 2 inches in diameter; I enclose a pic. I ruled out mange because she's not scratching or licking the area; I don't think it's a reaction to her vaccines because she got the shots a long time ago.. so what else could it be?? And any ideas on what might stop her from balding the spot??

    Some background: She stays out on the yard most of the day because I feel she might get anxious if locked up in the house alone. There's no grass, just some trees but most of the ground is covered with concrete. We had a tick problem before but it was erradicated, I also checked for ticks on her fur and nothing.

    Maybe I'm not bathing her enough? I give her a bath every 3 weeks or so with puppy shampoo.

    Too many questions, I know hehe, sorry! I'd greatly appreciate any pointers, advice, ideas, scoldings, etc. Thanks in advance!!
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  2. If it doesn't clear up or if it starts to spread I'd take your baby to see the vet. :yes:
  3. i'd take her immediately just because of my past experience with my baby that passed in november. i don't want to scare you or anything, but my dog started losing his hair in almost the same exact spot that your dog is losing hers. is her hair coming out in clumps? we also ruled out mange after taking him to a vet and it was a few weeks before they could do a biopsy and diagnose him with lymphoma. he lived for over a year after he was diagnosed. he was 14. his skin was also dry and flakey. i don't want to scare you but i was the first person to notice it on my dog. i'd definitely take her to the vet.
  4. it doesn't look as bad as my dog's did though. so just take her to the vet and see what they say. i doubt it's what my dog had, but i'd take her just to be safe.
  5. It could just be a spot that rubs on the concrete (or something) while she is laying down. I have also seen dogs with low Thyroid have bald spots. I would probably take her to the vet to be checked out. Also look at how she sits or lays, is that spot usually touching something? The wall? tree?
  6. How old is Lucy?
    Is she constantly licking/chewing the spot as if it's itchy and bothering her?
    Do you have any similar lesions on yourself?
    Are any other dogs or cats in your household affected?
    Is she on current flea prevention?
    Are there any other spots elsewhere on her body? Check her face, neck, underneath her chest and abdomen as well.
    Other questions to ask would be: Has it grown bigger, stayed the same since you first saw it (but as you only just saw it this question is irrelevant)

    There are certain medical conditions that can cause a focal circular hairloss. For eg, ringworm, or a type of skin mite called Demodex. In a healthy dog with a normal immune system, both conditions are not that serious and tend to go away by themselves. Some vets prescribe topical medication, there is current debate within the vet dermatology industry as to how useful these topical medications are.

    Good luck :smile:
  7. Thank you all for your quick responses!

    vuittonamour: I'm so sorry for your pup :sad:. My grandma's Afghan hound suffered of something similar some years ago.

    Cindi: I was thinking of that too. She tends to lean on that side of her body when she's sitting, and since it's all concrete, it could be rubbing there.

    jo_ee: Lucy is around 7-8 months old. She's not licking or messing with the bald spot at all. I haven't noticed any similar lesions on myself either, and have no other pets but her. She's flea and tick free (I checked when I first noticed the bald spot). And yes, she does have a smaller spot on that same side but a bit lower on the leg.

    I think I'm going to give it 2 weeks. If it gets any worse, I'm taking her to the vet.
  8. Update us on how you go! As she is so young I would not be inclined to think that it is something sinister, i.e cancer. Also the lesion is not exhibiting signs of malignancy. I could be wrong but from all the info up to now it SOUNDS like it may either be focal ringworm (but this is contagious to humans so you would notice it on yourself) or focal demodex (not contagious to humans but to other animals) . Or even, focal mites but less likely. Just bear in mind that these conditions can take weeks to months to go away by themselves. You may find the spot clears up and then reappears in another place. But definitely bring her to the vet if you're worried. Better to set your mind at ease, no? :p

    Oh one last question: has she been in contact with any animals lately that have similar spots? Eg during puppy classes, park walks, friend's house, relative's house etc?
  9. My dog has some bald spots on his legs.. it was because he would chew and nibble on the area.. have you noticed that?

    She could be chewing on the area cause it itches due to allergies... thats why my little man was chewing on his legs.

    Best bet is to take her to the vet.
  10. my dog had a huge bald spot on her leg due to her constant biting, she always gets hot spots (which leaves the area bald as well) at least once a month, especially if I take her to flea-infested homes of friends:push:, I stopped bringing her with me everywhere I go.
    It's most likely a skin allergy, spray it with (animal) anti-itch spray and the hair should grow back in a week.
  11. Our terrier has hair just like Lucy's, short and coarse. She'd get a spot like that from a flea allergy. All it took was one flea too. Both our dogs are house pets, but they get walked outside. I also never saw her chewing in that area, and I SWORE to my vet she didn't have any fleas, but he combed her once in that area and all these tiny fleas hit the tabletop running.

    We treated them both with a good topical flea treatment and it cleared right up.