Balck Large Vinyl Coco Cabas Owners: Question!

  1. Hi,

    Today,I almost got a black vinyl large size Coco Cabas (@995)until I have noticed a little wrinkle on the was about an inch long and it was one the front side...(wasn't totally obvious, but could see that it was there)

    And my S/A said that after using the bag, it will be like that in some areas where it fords.....

    Also, I have seen some pictures of the Black vinyl Coco Cabas on this forum and the vinyl was smooth on those who have it here...the one that I tried on....the vinyl didn't seem all that smooth....maybe 'cause it didn't have anything in the bag? (it was not stuffed w/ the tissue papers and I think that's how it was kept in the closet) was just so flat and wobbly(?) I guess....

    So I walked out w/out the bag today....:crybaby: But I cannot get it out of my mind......

    What should I do? Just get that one w/ the little scar on?
    Or pass it this time?
  2. That's a hard question. If you can't live without it, and you can get used to that scar, then yes. However, if that little scar is going to bug you, then maybe not. If it was rather small, myself, I would probably buy it if I loved the bag, and it was becoming hard to find.

    That's one thing about my vinyl cabas is I tend to treat it a little more gently because I am afraid it could tear/scar easily, however, its held up pretty well.
  3. I was a little skeptical at first but till I saw it IRL, then I realized how beautiful it is. Actually my bag was sitting on my car keys all day yesterday and there was no mark. I would buy a flawless bag though and cause a self inflicted scratch/line. :roflmfao: WHen mine was shipped to the house it came with a air filled stuffer. So that made it bulky. When I took it out, and insert my personal belongings in there, it looked great! I do have a friend who uses hers on a daily basis since this past summer and she said she has had no problems. Boy does she take it EVERYWHERE.