Balancing between luxury bags and enjoing holidays,trips,meals and other fun stuff

  1. How do you balance between luxury bags and doin fun things?

    The past i've spent more on luxury items than i did on enjoying myself and i am catching up a bit now. How do you divied your money between the two?
  2. We have separate accounts. For most of the year I save (you wouldn't know it by the way I've been spending lately lol!!). In fact, My checks are direct deposited and then I have my bank account set up so the entire amount is immediately transferred into a high rate savings account. I transfer a lump sum out of that every month into our "house fund", which is an account my husband set up for our future house. I only transfer out what I need for bills and whatnot and the rest sits in savings. A couple times a year I splurge, like right now, but then I go into save mode and I won't even buy a lipstick for 6 months lol. :smile:
  3. Good question. Unless you're well-off financially, it's a real challenge.

    Prioritizing I that bag more important??? Or going on holidays with your kids???
  4. I'm a college student, so sometimes I look at my bags and think, 'I could have gone to Europe with that money'. And then I feel horrible and sell some things! I find that I have an ebb & flow kind of process with handbags: sometimes I go all out without thinking, and then I weed out the ones I can live with out and use the money to do other things. It's tough, though!