Bal Wallets on Bluefly!

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  1. are they authentic?
  2. They're gone. Anyone get one?
  3. Not sure about the authenticity, but I like this style of wallet more than the others I've seen. I carry cash (not just credit cards) and paper/coupons so this would work better for me. Looks like someone snatched up the blue one. Congrats and hope it was a pfer!
  4. looks like colors could be blueberry and sapin. They might still come up....i think on bluefly you can hold them in your cart for awhile.
  5. are they real?:s
  6. how funny i was just on bluefly yesterday looking for bal stuff and nothing came up...darn missed it! how much were they running?
  7. I don't know...maybe I'm being biast from past evidence, but the leather looks stiff-ish to me compared to the ones PFers were selling on Ebay.
  8. That's weird......I look at both of them and think the leather looks pretty soft.
    Funny how the interpretation of the pic can be so different. It looks like the blueberry and sapin leather I've seen.

    Even knowing bluefly history, I consider the great possibility that in this case these wallets are authentic and hopefully the buyer or buyers got a great deal especially with that extra 15% off.:smile:
  9. I bet they are fakes too. The leather looks funny.:graucho:
  10. When I browse at bluefly today I saw all 3 items still available, but I decided not to buy any because of the incidence happened before :yucky: But I think Fayden got her coin purse from bluefly about a week or so ago, maybe she can tell us more about it :confused1:
  11. yup i did get my pink metallic coin purse from them and it's real. i think what u should do it buy it since you can always return it if it's not. nothing to lose!
  12. I'm not very familiar with Bal wallets and maybe I'm being biased too, but I think they look fake.
  13. That's right fayden, you got yours there. Now, you can't be the only fortunate one that gets a balenciaga at bluefly for a great price, right.....:shrugs:

    Good luck, positive thoughts and fingers crossed to ya.:girlsigh: