Bal wallet yes or no , urgent?

  1. I absolutely need a new wallet and opened a thread in the H&P section but got only one suggestion.
    It needs to be compagnon size (big) and sort of go with different colors (not to light, cause used a lot not to dark so I can easily find it in a work). As much I change bags I never change wallets (everytime I did it was a mess).
    I am tempted by a Bal wallet but I don't really know where to get one and the price seems very high (need to buy another bag as well).
    What would you do. I would be happy about suggestions since I seem to be unable to find anything nice (checked 5 shops today!)
  2. I might be stoned to death for this one . . but I really don't care for the Bal wallets. I think combined with a Bal handbag it's too matchy-matchy, IMO. I don't think they look that great together. I think they are over priced for what it actually is. I would much rather spend my $$ on a Mulberry wallet. I think they are functional and and look so good. My local Saks had the wallet in great colors. Look into Mulberry.
  3. i'm not that hot on the wallets either, i think a wallet should be more structured. i like marc jacobs ones, i got a white icy one this summer but it's gotten so dirty :cry: so i might re-buy it in another colour..

    it's camel and it fits everything!!!! (posted pics a week or two ago) the money looks to be plenty big too.

    The leather is fab and I am very happy with it!!:yes:
  5. for small purses and accessories i think MJ and LV are really good.
  6. I havent seen any of the wallets in person, except on the pix that aloharag sent me. The compagnon seems really big, but I guess I could adjust! I wouldnt match the wallet to the bag, I would want a bright color, maybe rouge. Used to carry my Chloe wallets, then stopped, now I carry my LV Groom. But I would like B wallet at some point. Kinda concentrating on the bags at the moment.
  7. Yah me too, never seen one in person... but seen pictures. Wasn't all much excited for them... looked... i dunno *_* just me maybe!
  8. I never paid much attention to Balenciaga wallets before, but I did notice the Oval and that seemed rathr big, like a clutch.
  9. Thanks all of you for helping me to make a choice.
    gregsgirl: I will check mulberry, hope I can find a site since they are'nt sold here.

    Danae: I was also thinking about an epi or an MJ wallet but again there is no real choice down here. I'm still really hesitant and don't much no were to go.
    My Bal retailer doesn't have wallets so I depend on pics here.

    Grrh, I love Provence but sometimes I hate to be so far away from Paris!
  10. i agree with gregsgirl. i love Mulberry wallets
  11. Thanks G86 I checked their site the only thing that bothers me is that there are no pics of the interior of the wallets, hmmm!
  12. I def love Bal bag...but for wallet I really prefer LV ...
    They have tons of different it's quite easy to find the perfect wallet...
    Mine is a black epi and it can hold : cards, money, ID papers etc...
  13. i love b-bags... but i agree with fromparis, i'll go to LV for wallet.
    i have an LV multicolore PTI! it's sooo cute & add colours to my b-bags :P
  14. I love my Bal Money wallet. I think it's a perfect combination of chic and edgy. I didn't get it to match my bag though.
  15. I got the money style and am really liking it. It is not the ziparound and I believe it is a bit smaller. But I have plenty of room for 6+ cards, cash and change and even some receipts and extra stuff. I, too, was going to look at LV, but when I saw the leather in red, I just loved it. Easy to find in your purse.