BAL triplets & a very Merry X'mas!!!

  1. Merry 05 Black WE to US!! Both of us started out w/ bordy, grew w/ the violet and BANGED out the New Year w/ 2 black 05 WE!!! Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!

    :heart: Fayden & Mabli!! ENJOY!!

  2. yay for 05 bags! My set is on the right side! =)
  3. Congrats! Gorgeous! Love the pic. I love the wine colour and of course, violet .. one of my favs from this year.
  4. Aww so cute!! Such lovely colours! Thanks for the pic!
  5. i love jewel tones!! your bags are beautiful :love:
  6. this thread! love everything.
  7. looove those bordeaux bags!! The color on both is AMAZING. And the 05 weekenders...still dreaming of them since karenab posted her modeling pics.
  8. that's so cute! GORGEOUS BAGS! I love the bordouex (sp?)
  9. Wow! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Both sets of bags looks amazing!
  10. congrats!! Its amazing to see how a brand new unbroken in 05 black WE looks!! compared to mine which is basically a massive mountain of thick leather piled up on the floor.

    That violet though looks stunning....
  11. Can we say gorgeous?!:drool: Beautiful colors ... love that violet! I'm hoping to pick one up in the new year!
  12. OMG I love how you guys have matching bags! too cute!
  13. Adorable!! And the bordeaux looks YUM!!
  14. You guys are too funny! Love your bags - you have great taste, girls!!!
  15. Congrats! love you vlolet.