Bal stock at SAKS FIFTH AVE in Boca Raton, FL.

  1. I went by today and they had a ton of Balenciaga, including some new 08 colours, and can I just say ... Vert Thyme is just unbelievably beautiful!! I mean, hot dog!

    Debbie is fabulous, 561 620 1355 and will be there until 9pm tonight.

    Giant Gold Hardware:

    Aquamarine City
    Tomato City
    Ivory Work
    Vert Fonce (very dark green olive) Partime
    Pine Partime
    French Blue Envelope Clutch
    Black Work
    Tomato Partime

    Giant Silver Hardware:

    Ivory Hobo
    Vert Thyme Partime (this combination of hardware/ colour is the superfantastic!)

    Regular Hardware:

    Pine Partime
    05 Olive (Z on the tag), must have been a return, good condition, smooth leather, plastic still on silver tag
    Tomato City
    Tomato Step
    Bubblegum Day
    Bubblegum First
    Pale Magenta City
    Pale Magenta First
    Violet Step
    Violet Partime
    Ocean Weekender
    Truffle Twiggy
    Sandstone Makeup

    Some Matelasse bags, but I didn't write down each one.

    I wish you well,

  2. wow.. thanks Bridget for the update!!
  3. wow thanks bridget! I always have such a hard time remembering exactly what I see at stores. What style was the olive?? I can't believe it was returned! Or maybe it was forgotten in a stock room?
  4. The 05 was a City!

    I wish you well,

  5. Thanks Bridget! I'm looking for a work or day, but still, an 05 olive city is quite a gem!
  6. I was so excited when I saw that they had an 05 Olive City in stock! I tried to call, and the SA said that they did have a bag that was "Olive colored" but that it was brand new, not a 2005 :crybaby:Oh, well...
  7. it might be worth checking to see if they can find the one that Bridget saw with the Z on the tag. It could be new, as in they just brought it out from somewhere?? :girlsigh:
  8. Wow! Bridget, that is an impressive list. It's so nice of you to make such detailed notes and take the time to post it all here. Thank you so much! It's going to be fun to hear how quickly they're all snapped up.
  9. I agree! I bought my anthracity from this Saks over the phone, and it was definitely some back and forth asking the SA to check tags, etc. to make sure it was anthra and not plomb. I was working with Al, who wasn't super-familiar with the color names and such, but was willing to check tags and everything to help.
  10. Very welcome! Nanaz posted that they had the BG pink, Pale Magenta and Vert Thyme, so I wanted to see those in person, Bal is so hard to photograph, I like to see the colours IRL as well as pictures, even if it's not necessarily a colour I would carry myself!

    I take notes in a small memo book and they let me because they know they get sales from it : )

    I wish you well,

  11. Bridget~ thanks for the update on Saks' bal stock! :yahoo:~~
  12. Great update! why they heck does the Saks in NY Manhattan not carry b bags??

    This seems ridiculous to me. Of all cities!

  13. totally agree!!:yes:
  14. Thanks for the wonderful update.
  15. Thanks for the great update.