Bal shoulder strap

  1. I am a bit confused over the shoulder strap ,in some pictures like beyonce wearing a white first--:confused1: her shoulder strap almost comes to the waist .how is it possible???/
  2. the earliest classiques had longer straps, but also some of the fake ones have longer straps also b/c they were designed off the earliest collections. post pics of her wearing the particular bag you are talking about! :flowers:
  3. i have seen it on tv she is carrying her kid in that shot and she is wearing white trousers
  4. beyonce has a kid?!?! wow!
  5. she is carrying in that shot dont know if it is hers or not
  6. sorry mocean she iswearing a green shirt and trousers ,if u put beyonce and balenciaga in google and hit images hers is the first shot
  7. hm.. it does seem long. hmm. :shrugs: I dunno- the classique hits higher on me, but it might be her height or frame that makes it look like that- I wish the pic was bigger...
  8. Yes, I think that's authentic. It's probably an '03 classique since some of those came with longer straps just like that. I can't see the pic enough to tell if it has silver hardware though.