Bal shopping in Vegas

  1. Hi gang!
    I thought I had seen somewhere back in here, I can't find it, sorry.. about Bal. shopping in Vegas. Is there a Bal store or does another store there carry them? Do you know where the store is? It's going to be a quick trip and I have to plot my course ;).
    Thanks for your help!
  2. NM at the Fashion Show Mall, haven't been in months, but they used to have a nice selection. Mall is across from Wynn and TI on the strip.
  3. I saw Bal bags at the NM and Saks inside fashion Mall (I don't remember if they had a Nordstrom). There is also a bag store inside Caesars palace (they only sell bags and accessories) - I apologize for not remembering the name of store - but they carry high end handbags - Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Balenciaga and others...
  4. None at Nordstroms Vegas, actually shockingly they have nothing high end!

    There is a place in Fashion Show Mall that used to carry them that told me they were going to re-order....Boutique, I am so sorry I can not think of the name. It will come to me at 3am! There are very few boutiques in Fashion Show, mainly chains. I thinks it's Talugah G. Try them!
  5. Thank you guys-
    I seriously have no time to waste- I will be with DH, no patience at all for my shopping escapades.;)
  6. Defintely NM at Fashion Show. I bought my Plomb City there and the leather is TDF! Also, the store in the mall is Talulah G, here's their # 702 737 6000. I have seen that they do carry some Bbags. They also have another store at the Red Rock Casino if you happen to go there. Good luck and have fun!
  7. Thank you:smile:
  8. great thread. I am planning on goign there in a few months and hopefully score a beautiful bbag while I am there!!
  9. Andi-what did u find, planning a trip to Vegas and must know where to go for BBags