Bal Self-control??????

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  1. Does anyone have it??? Just bought another bag!!! ACKKKK!!!!!!!!!:nuts:

    Do you have self-control? If so, tell me your secret???:heart:
  2. Ooh...what did you get?

    And no, I have zero self control.
  3. Nope, it doesnt exist at all. Not in my world anyway!

    I have a LV Ursula coming today or tomorrow, a Michael Kors Joplin and I just pre-ordered 2 Marc Jacobs pleated bags at Nm last night for my daughter and I.

  4. What did you get????? And no i have no self control either!
  5. Nope, none. I can't stop. I am addicted.
  6. Oh Girlie you were bad again.:graucho: I can't wait to see what you got this time.:sweatdrop:
    For me it all depends how bad i want the bag, otherwise i have a rule (you know: to sell one and then buy one).:sad: Right now i am very anxious till i find my Giant Sandstone Day and i hope till then i won't change my mind again.:nuts::sick:
  7. Oh Zac! What did you get? Did you get the WE?

    ...and no.. the way I controlled bbag buying was buying other bags... so yeah - there's no way to control this bag buying! Although I'm going to start trying again! First round of the 2007 purseban was SO unsuccessful for me... I'm now gonna try purseban for the summer until after I write my entrance exam in September. We'll see if my self-control will actually work this time around!! I'm excited to know what you got tho!
  8. I would normally say I have no self-control, but I actually stopped myself from doing a BIN on an extremely rare Dolma work yesterday. It was a great deal and in beautiful condition. I decided I could not do it since I have to return & sell some before I can get any more. I do have my limits, I guess. ;)
  9. i have ZERO self control, especially when it comes to b-bag buying! i always find a way to justify getting "just one more" - ha ha! more like 3 or 4 or whatever...

    i see you're selling your gorgeous emerald weekender, though. so at least you're keeping some kind of balance! ;)wish i liked that size, because that bag is TDF!

    what did you get to go in it's place???
  10. Zacorey, please post pix of your caramel collection again when you have a chance - plus all new acquisitions.

    I am sticking to my Wishlist - and I've got to pay off my last two purchases before I buy again (two more months maybe?)

    What'd you get?

    I'm adding to my wishlist - as a form of self-control. It kept changing, now it's sort of stable - but I find keeping it really helps.
  11. I have self control only when i am broke!:nogood:
  12. I have no self control whatsoever. I guess I'll stop once I have one in every colour!! :nuts:
  13. Zac - you're not going to tell us???? What does self-control mean? :confused1:
  14. Bal Self-control
    Oxymoron. :P
  15. No way to have self-control once you got your first Bbag...
    but...what did you get?